Andrea Gibbs

graphic designer | illustrator


Hey there, I'm Andrea —

a multifaceted creative professional.

Graphic design, illustration, and digital marketing are among my specialties. With a fervent appreciation for aesthetics, a penchant for precision, and a love for crafting, I bring a dynamic skill set to the table.

Having earned a dual degree in graphic design and photography from Texas State University-San Marcos in 2010, my commitment to these disciplines extends beyond mere career pursuits; it is a dedication rooted in genuine passion.

As you explore my portfolio, you'll discover a seamless integration of artistic vision and technical expertise. I invite you to witness the depth of my creative journey and the impact it can bring to visual storytelling.


Lush Banners

Marketing & Automation Lead, 2023-Present

Graphic Designer/E-commerce Coordinator, 2022-2023

Freelance Designer and Photographer, 2006-Present

Brian Gavin Diamonds

Head of Photography, 2015-2020

Wild Well Control

Graphic Designer, 2014-2015

Texas State University, 2010

BA Graphic Design


  • Branding & Visual ​Communication
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Video Editing
  • Digital Illustration
  • Creative Project Management
  • Content Visualization & ​Execution
  • Brand Refresh and ​Transformation
  • Marketing Strategy
  • H​TML & CSS
  • Social Media M​anagement
  • SEO Opt​imization
  • PPC Ad M​anagement
  • Google ​Analytics
  • Hand ​Lettering
  • Ph​otography

My Work

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Brand Identity

I worked with an upcoming podcast to create a simple, thoughtful and approachable brand identity. The clients wanted a relaxed, retro feel to match the style of the podcast. I provided a main logo, “echo” style logo, and logomark.


Brand Identity

Chic & Chisel is a new company that specializes in ​bespoke, laser engraved and cut wedding ​invitations, gifts & keepsakes. For this brand ​development, I worked with the client to develop a ​brand that invoked a feeling of warmth & luxury.

Brand Redesign

I helped my current employer ​update their visual identity and ​transform their brand into ​something fresh and more ​aligned with their new business ​direction.

View the fully redesigned brand ​guidelines here.

Logo Design

Digital Marketing

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I bring a proven blend ​of strategic digital ​marketing, graphic ​design, and illustration ​expertise, translating ​complex ideas into ​compelling visual ​narratives for enhanced ​brand presence and ​engagement.

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